Our Commitment

Discovering the “Like!”
around the world.
– Searching the Global Niche –

Our dietary habits have dramatically become rich with the development of the logistic system, spread of the internet, promotion of the free trade treaty, etc.

Oversea products and groundbreaking foodstuffs that were rare to be found in the past are now widely available in the global market with the effort made by major manufacturers and retailers.

As such, the mass market has grown and matured very rapidly, but there still are countless new possibilities yet to be found in the world.

For instance, there could be chance that a five-star hotel in Paris might have an interest for a Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Sour Plum) handmade by a grandma in Kyushu, one of the main island in western Japan.

Unknown manufacturer from a developing country can amaze a strict meticulous Japanese buyer. A small Italian winery inventing a completely new dimension wine, implementing methods used by a Japanese Sake manufacturer.

Such exciting episodes can be born some where in the worlds as we speak.

There are always people in need, market with demands.
We aim to excavate these potential niche market around the world to fulfil all the people's wants.

and D Co., Ltd. Co-Founders
Sho Matsui / Tak Futaki

July, 2014